Hello World…

Hello World…


Hello World…!!! This is the only thing comes in my mind when ever I used to take a new page in my one note to write the first blog post, (obviously its also the first program one writes when starts working on new programming language) and finally I am over it and writing post on “Hello World”.

Hello World

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Today I also realize that how easy it is to read someone’s blog and comment on it (either positive or negative ;)).. But trust me guys it takes a lot of patience to write one.. I am thankful to so many great personality to encourage me to do so. (Thanks Manas, Lalit sir)

It was all about the Hello world; as far as details on me and my life concerns, I am Working as a software Developer, I’ve simply ended up at what I enjoy doing, with a lot to explore, learn and develop on. To me, all that seems to make sense in life is the simple rule:


“Don’t be serious, be sincere”

Rest are just illusions 🙂


If you know me; well and good if not you can have a look here to know more about.me


Here; in my blog I’ll try to write post every now and than on various topics like latest technology, my personal experience(s) on any topic (the problem and solution), tutorials etc. etc.

Thank you for your precious time. The very next post will be on Captcha, re-captcha and no-captcha. Mean while you can visit our home page @ thoughts2Share.in to get more detail about us.


Your comments and suggestion are always welcome.


It is never too late to be what you might have been. -George Eliot

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